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Welcome to OskiLeaks: the official intranet cyber-portal™ for information the authorities don't want you to know at the University of California, Berkeley.

We have reason to believe that UC Berkeley is a nexus of conspiracy activity. Earlier this month a cache of files was uploaded to the OskiLeaks site by an anonymous agent known only as Deep Sleep. All of these files seem to hint that everything is not as it seems, and that there is a powerful undercurrent of secret activity that permeates the campus and threatens to undermine the very fabric of our daily lives. But maintaining an anti-conspiracy website takes even more time than you might think, and we don’t have the resources to look into it.

This is why we need your help to expose these conspiracies and prevent the university from being undermined by malicious forces. We have assembled several collections of evidence that should lead to proof of the conspiracies. If you can use your wits and ingenuity to stop these schemes, we may just save the university, again.