The Spear of Time and Fire
From the author who brought you the thirty thrilling volumes of the Fog-Lance Cycle, comes a new epic fantasy series. Many ages ago, seafarers settled a new land. Now, evil is on the march, and a ragtag band of heroes must team up to defeat it. The maps and flags on the inside covers bring this exciting new world to life.

Book 1: The Gathering Darkness

Ashfal, an unworldly but corn-fed farmer and his trusty companion Horse are preparing for the harvest in his bucolic hometown of Marl. At the local tavern, he meets two mysterious strangers in hooded cloaks, Elselfia, who may or may not be an elf, and Ffrathmir, a human bard. Elselfia and Ffrathmir portentously divulge to Ashfal that his destiny lies elsewhere, but he is too wrapped up in his petty corn concerns to believe their tales of dark doings in far away places. Meanwhile, Calmia, who is most definitely an elf, is defiantly wasting away in the dungeon of Golomnathar, the dread fortress of Shurug Cinoth. Also meanwhile, Belgaliel, Ruler of Evel-Makhon and Prince of Sorrows, is both sorrowful and princely in his lachrymose city Evel-Makhon. Additionally meanwhile, the hearty dwarf warrior Dalmarth is finishing his training regimen in the mountainous area around Cirog Ikor and is preparing his soul for the gathering darkness.

Book 2: Conclave in Evel-Makhon

Deep within the thick walls of Shurug Cinoth, Calmia finds herself in mortal peril at the foul hands of Golomnathar. Dalmarth, hearing whispers of her distress from the stones of the earth, hastily sets forth for Evel-Makhon, seeking word of her plight. Concomitantly, Elselfia (who, now hoodless, is revealed to be most definitely an elf) and her companion Ffrathmir also journey to Evel-Makhon, hoping to find a sympathetic ally in Prince Belgaliel. In Marl, Ashfal and Horse blissfully tend their sheep, oblivious to the consequences of the Conclave in Evel-Makhon.

Book 3: Preparations and Portents

Belgaliel, Prince of Sorrows, gives his blessing (and monetary aid) to the rescue party and sends them off to seek further allies and gather information, while himself remaining in Evel-Makhon. Ffrathmir makes his way to the bustling merchant city of Vensteam, the land of his ancestors. Dalmarth travels to the dwarven capital, Ward Imgil, looking for help among his brethren. The headstrong Elselfia agrees with the plans, but sends a letter in secret to her elven kin and rushes to Shurug Cinoth, hoping against all hope that she can save her friend from the clutches of Golomnathar. Yet, she is too late! Golomnathar has sensed the forces gathering against him and taken Calmia to his stronghold Cirog Ikor, deep in the forested mountains. Ashfal and Horse hear rumors of the Conclave in Evel-Makhon from a traveller in the tavern in Marl, and directly afterwards dark crows steal the food meant for their sheep, leaving Ashfal to wonder at these preparations and portents.

Book 4: An Ominous Wind

Ashfal and Horse think nothing worse can befall them after the starvation of their sheep in Marl, but are proven wrong when Ashfal's beloved grandfather dies suddenly. Ffrathmir is still in Vensteam, struggling to get his stingy relatives to see the potential impact of outside events on their gold-filled coffers. Belgaliel, still in Evel-Makhon, is made even more sorrowful when some of his formerly trusted councilors attempt to betray him to Golomnathar's minions and he must personally behead them. Calmia, still a captive in the remote fortress of Cirog Ikor, languishes. Elselfia follows the trail to Cirog Ikor, just in time to witness Golomnathar departing for Tor Stond, the dwarven citadel, where a freshly-arrived Dalmarth has begun to mass his dwarven forces against this, an ominous wind.

Book 5: Paths of Stone

Ffrathmir continues the campaign for the hearts and minds of his people in Vensteam. Elselfia surreptitiously enters Golomnathar's stronghold Cirog Ikor and after much skulking around deserted corridors, finds Calmia in her cell, and the two soul-sisters reunite. Elselfia tells Calmia of the putative hero she encountered during her journey and two elven maidens combine their powers to summon him. Far to the south, Ashfal sees in a limpid pool a vision of the two elves; upon their urging immediately sets off upon his trusty steed Horse and the pair soon arrive in Cirog Ikor. Belgaliel continues his mourning in Evel-Makhon. Golomnathar finally meets his foe Dalmarth and the two armies battle fiercely. Dalmarth's forces are soon overwhelmed, and with Golomnathar close behind, Dalmarth retreats to the ancient stronghold of Ward Imgil, along paths of stone.

Book 6: Thunder and Thrones

When Calmia and Elselfia attempt exit Golomnathar's fortress of Cirog Ikor, Calmia is repelled by the force of Golomnathar's iniquitous incantations. Elselfia finds Ashfal wandering outside and sends him to Tilag Wood, where he and Horse begin their search for the amulet of Sendor, which will lift the curse. After discovering that the treachery of his counselors had run more deeply than he had ever dreamt, Belgaliel is forced to abandon his city of sorrows and travel to the lands of Pecktor, where he adopts the guise of a wandering soothsayer. Golomnathar revels in the destruction as he watches Ward Imgil burn. Dalmarth, fearing for his very soul, has fled to the Ur Quarry, from whence his ancestors were formed in the grey pasts. Ffrathmir journeys to Sest Palimp, an ancient library tended the most learned of his people, where he hopes to find information which will allow the defeat of the dread Golomnathar in this dark time of thunder and thrones.

Book 7: A Long Forgotten Past

Belgaliel continues his desolate wanderings near Pecktor. Calmia and Elselfia remain trapped in Golomnathar's fortress Cirog Ikor, awaiting Ashfal's return. However, Ashfal's search has taken him far and wide; he now finds himself, along with Horse, searching for a hermit in the Marshes of Maelo. With his soul refreshed, Dalmarth resolves to infiltrate Golomnathar's stronghold, and so journeys to Shurug Cinoth. Golomnathar, his appetite for destruction whetted, takes his legions to Evel-Makhon, where the traitors greet him with open gates. Ffrathmir's search for information takes him deep into the stacks of parchment at the library of Sest Palimp and into a long forgotten past.

Book 8: A World's Last Hope

Dalmarth, masquerading as a supporter of Golomnathar, has begun to insinuate himself into the battalions of Shurug Cinoth. Calmia and Elselfia, still trapped in Cirog Ikor, nonetheless make plans for fighting Golomnathar after their rescue. Ashfal and Horse, however, are no closer to finding the amulet of Sendor, and in fact have trekked yet again to a new land, the mountain Pass of Abjurst. Ffrathmir, tired of parchment and having wearied his hosts, returns to Marl, hoping to recruit Ashfal, not knowing that he has already departed. Belgaliel decides to take refuge on a island once inhabited by the ancients and bribes a sailor to take him to the Isle of Ancients. Golomnathar, recalling an ancient prophecy, travels to Marl, the foretold home of the one who would defeat him, a world's last hope.

Author Dies

Tragically, before completing the series, the author was crushed to death by a pile of his own (poorly bound) paperbacks.